St.Bernards College Chapel


St Bernards College and Smith & Tracey Architects





Brief Description

Over years of iterative expansion and development, the school spaces have evolved as a series of diverse buildings, narrow alley ways, steep steps and severe level transitions. Improving this setting to create genuine, quality spaces for students and staff was a key component of the brief.

The Papworth Davies team collaborated with St Bernards College and Smith & Tracey Architects to develop a scheme for a new Chapel Forecourt design to serve as the revitalised formal entrance into the campus.

The concept resolves a considerable level change that leads down to the courtyard through the introduction of a series of steps and terraced planting. A mature existing Jacaranda tree has been protected and retained through the introduction of permeable paving.

The concept design seeks to create a functional, flexible and reflective environment to cater for the fluctuating pedestrian circulation through the space, as well as the broader objectives associated with the new Chapel.

Construction of the project was completed in 2018.